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My Prospects Are Ignoring My Sales People

Your business is more than just another company. You produce amazing work, but telling that story to someone who doesn’t know your business or your brand can be the most challenging step.

If your sales team has struggled in making a solid first impression, maybe this scenario sounds familiar to you: Your sales person finally gets past the gatekeeper to talk with their prospective customer. Your sales person is armed with talking points about your business that “create value” right out of the gate only to hear the all-too-familiar “I’m not interested” as a response.

How are you going to build a sales pipeline if 100 calls go the same way?

Bring value before your call in the most shocking, tangible way possible. Make the prospect see you differently, and trust you, before you ever reach out. You’ll find, like some of our customers have, that the prospect will even reach out to you first!

How? Incorporating strategic gifts in your initial outreach.

You only get one first impression, so make it count by making the client feel special while sharing how you can help them overcome the problems slowing them down. Focus your message on the most important problem/opportunity you solve for your prospect.

Characterize the pain they’re feeling and the joy your customers feel when the problem is solved. Give them the first couple steps towards solving the problem, and leverage a promotional item to deliver the message.

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