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We’re Losing Deals to Unqualified Customers

You showed up to the meeting with the best presentation, you made the case that your business partnership was by the most logical decision ever…and then the buyer went with another vendor.

Why does this keep happening? People make decisions emotionally, and then justify those decisions with logic. Pick up any customer survey, or buyer behavioral study and you’ll see buyers describe their decision with emotional words like loved, trusted, happy with, felt important, etc.

This means you have the opportunity to grab the most unfair advantage in sales you could ask for: the relationship.

The number one influence for building and sustaining relationships is reciprocity. That means offering value to someone with no strings attached. The feeling that the recipient feels when they receive something with no strings attached is that they ultimately want to repay the favor.

Let’s be clear, though—you’re not buying their appreciation. You’re taking time to make them feel special and in turn are building a relationship.

Sending strategic gifts that intersect with desired outcome, current pains, and how important the prospect is to you, will leave you in the driver seat in the sales process.schedule discovery call