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Managing Promotional Item Fulfillment is Killing My Day Job

If you’re feeling like you are losing valuable productive time at work because you’re managing the procurement and fulfillment of promotional products, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In our experience, customers like you lose at least 20% of their productivity managing orders that have almost nothing to do with how they’re being evaluated on their job.

Proforma Signature Solutions is built for this type of work—it is our day job. We have in-house ecommerce technology that makes it easy for stakeholders to request what they need, and the system will send them updates along the way. In addition to our ecommerce system, our team works alongside you to design creative solutions for products that make a great first impression with your prospects, customers, and employees. Plus, our system captures all information related to cost centers, billing information, approval settings, order history, and more, so even the reporting is taken care of for you.

Get that 20% of productivity back in your day by leaning on a system that manages promotional item procurement and fulfillment for you.

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